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Jack’s honoured for a second year running….

We are thrilled and it’s all down to you……. we are once again the proud recipient of a Certificate Of Excellence for 2016 from that august web based’ travellers friend’ – TripAdvisor…. Pleased as punch? You bet we are ……..

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Loadshedding affecting your life?

Don’t worry Jack’s is open and 99% operational during any load shedding time of the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner – Come and join the Romantic Set, dine by candle light and satisfy your taste buds….

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In our Library Corner there’s a piece of history…

As people around the world celebrate 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall we are reminded that we have a little piece of that historical barrier in our Library Corner of the restaurant. We are indebted to Astrid Kunke and Frank Kunke who way back then sallied forth with hammer, chisel and camera […]

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Chow that Chowder

Thanks Laura for the second time in 6 days for making my birding groups lunchtime so yummy…. we are so glad we came back for the chowder and as for the bobotie…. well those spring rolls are the best – see you when next the Cape Rock Jumper calls – Brian from Brian’s Birding

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Great Pasta

I couldn’t believe the menu when it said ‘homemade’ pasta, but I’ve tasted it and it’s awesome, what a treat. From Carina

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Amazing service & amazing food. God bless you and your business from Pradino and Mely

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From Selina Raunel & Niklas Bieler from Kiel, Germany

What a great find it was really really nice, Thank you !

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From Adele & Marlon Wentzel

Superb dining Laura, thanks to you and David for a splendid meal

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From Lenore & Duncan Water-Meyer

What a lovely meal. Excellent service AND good food… thanks so much.

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Number One on Tripadvisor – Yippee

You have spoken!  We have recently been rated first out of seven eateries in Betty’s Bay because you love our food, our people and our view.  Thank you a zillion times thank you.

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