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To Tip or Not To Tip? That is the question….

It is undeniable, completely undeniable, regardless of where you might come from, that South Africa is a country with a common practice of tipping in food establishments where you are waited on at a table.

If this practice is strange or abhorrent because it is not happening in your country… well suck it up, cos in SA hardworking waiters and waitresses (sorry just can’t use the waitron word) will thrill if a gratuity if left for them.

As I see it the gratuity in South Africa says the following:
– I liked you as a waiter / waitress, you were personable and you listened – you made suggestions and they were good for my needs
– The food that was brought to me was exactly as I ordered
– The time frame of delivery was good
– The food was great / as expected / better than expected
– You the waiter / waitress were there when I needed you
– Thanks

But the fact is that certain visitors feel that tipping the staff is not ‘their problem’. They will give you the story that we as restaurant owners should pay our staff more……

Well guess what, Buddy! If you want me to pay more then your burger is going up…. by about 15% actually.
As my darling Granny used to say ‘there’s no taste in nothing’

So we  land at the feet of ‘common practice’ and what that means…… In fact if you research ‘common practice’ it quickly leads to ‘national identity’…. so what right does anyone have to deny the national identity of an individual?  In fact if you don’t want to tip your waiter then as one of our first waitresses Bongi Phiri used to say ‘you should eat at home’.


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