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Coldest Day since Records Began

Last night our barometer fell to 5 degrees overnight.

Since David started taking daily statistical notes of various the weather information we have available to us, in 2007 when he was living in Betty’s Bay on his own, this is THE coldest ever…. for us that is. Nestled up against the mountain for protection we enjoy a few degrees extra warmth, as I have always known that more exposed places in Betty’s Bay (by the penguins for example) are colder.

Today tho it was proven as we have information from David Horne in Sunny Seas, some 6kms from us, that he recorded 2 degrees last night. There is snow on Table Mountain and on the Helderberg as well, so it is understandable maybe that we also feel that icy edge and also why our soup is selling like ‘hot cakes’…. maybe that should be hot soup!

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