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Vegetarian Or Vegan?

Check out our vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan menu listed under the above ‘Restaurant’ tab…. A quirky take on many of our existing menu items and all because many believe we are what we eat…. so, be fresh, healthy and kind to animals x

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Weekend Specials…

Once again for the winter months we at Jack’s will be announcing each Friday our special for the weekend. Navigate to the menu page to see what the current weekends delight is…… And remember free delivery after 6h30pm in Betty’s Bay

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Welcome KT Utility Forensics

We are thrilled to welcome KT Utility Forensics to our building. Keith and his staff will be taking up residency in our ground floor retail unit very soon. Interested in what they do? Well navigate to their website and see how they run energy management projects which include analysing and metering of electricity usage and […]

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Coldest Day since Records Began

Last night our barometer fell to 5 degrees overnight. Since David started taking daily statistical notes of various the weather information we have available to us, in 2007 when he was living in Betty’s Bay on his own, this is THE coldest ever…. for us that is. Nestled up against the mountain for protection we […]

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The Fire of 2019

It is now exactly a year since fire ripped through Betty’s Bay destroying 41 houses and damaging countless others. The village is still in recovery and there are still remnants of buildings not yet attended to. The landscape is also in recovery but it will take many years for the trees and fynbos to regenerate. […]

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Jack’s Seaview Inn

We have long thought that the label B&B doesn’t really do justice to all that we offer here at Jack’s. We are also firmly established across several disciplines the hospitality business and so are taking the bold move to change the name of our accommodation offering to better describe what we are….. and so Jack’s […]

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Have you experienced the best in winter drinks yet?

I have recently been introduced to the decedent world of flavoured lattes and I am hooked. How better to ward of the cold of a winter storm than with a hot and spicy Gingerbread latte topped with whipped cream? The sheer theatrical splendour of delivering a layered work of art to a table and being […]

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Why you should ditch the beer bottle*

Love drinking beer straight from the bottle or can? :: I am indebted to McClelland Beers of Canada for this article as it is lifted straight from the McClelland Premium Beer website ( I am also most grateful to have the subject so eloquently stated as I have read the same sentiments on many other […]

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Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink*…for some at least

Something topical for us here in the Western Cape…. namely a significant drought that has the City of Cape Town declaring April 12th 2018 as ‘Day Zero’ – when  the taps will run dry and ‘alternative’ water solutions will have to be found. If you are interested you can Google: Cape Town aquifers, water ships, […]

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To Tip or Not To Tip? That is the question….

It is undeniable, completely undeniable, regardless of where you might come from, that South Africa is a country with a common practice of tipping in food establishments where you are waited on at a table. If this practice is strange or abhorrent because it is not happening in your country… well suck it up, cos […]

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